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 In autumn 1989 we got a magazine dedicated to dog-shows. On the title-page was a picture of a small dog with a cute mouth and a larky look on its face. The long-lasting dilemma of whether to have a dog or not was over - it was a love at first sight.

 A few months later we bought a lovely cairn terrier puppy from a breeder (EVRO) based in Prague. This charming dog, called Denny was our first one. We were not experienced in dog -training and also we did not want to breed, but... it was a big impetus when the original breeder begged us to take part in an International Dog Show at least twice to confirm the condition of the lineage of the breed. So in the end our Denny entered these dog-shows altogether nearly twenty times! Denny was on several occasions the winner of the rank. He was the first registered Cairn Terrier in Slovakia.

 After two years we decided to get another puppy, a female. Anny Jet was also from Prague, but from a different breeder. In 1994 we established a breeding station named Vazska Kaskada* which is accredited by the International Registry.

*(Vah's Cascade - Vah is the river which flows across the town we are living in)

 Since 1994 over 65 Cairn Terrier puppies have been born in our house. Some breeders might think it is ridiculous that we have only bred such a small amount in such a long time. We are not interested in breeding dogs in large amounts and it's not how we make money to buy bread. We are just fascinated by this charming and intelligent dog and we feel that Cairn Terriers deserve more recognition. They are just superb!!!

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